Saturday, December 26, 2009

Theodor Roosevelt & Pearl Harbor

Diplomacy That Will Live In Infamy, or how TR got us in to 
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor !
Pearl Harbor & TR 


Friday, December 25, 2009

Ships with Jewish Refugees That Ran the British Blockade

The Captain of the Exodus, Yitzhak Ahronovitch died this week.
His story can be read in the link below:
Yitzhak Ahronovitch, Exodus Skipper in Defiant ’47 Voyage of Jewish Refugees, Dies at 86

NY TIMES 12/24/09

What you may not know, that my brother, Marvin, ( Alive & Well) was a crew member
of another ship that carried Jews from Europe to (Cyprus )  first and then to Israel.
Read his story in the Link Below :


Marvins other Adventurus Life !

If you want to see this Diary with pictures, you can down load from this link:

Marvins other documents in Word Format for Down loading  

See documentary on These Heroic ways Jews were Saved "


Time 1947