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Reflections:Israel,Pictures At Birth, & Later !

LIFE Magazine, Photos of Life in Israel in 1948 !

Director, CIC Israel Office
May 17, 2010 – 3:27 pm by David Weinberg,

I encourage you to view this incredible photo archive, particularly the first section with photos from the fall of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948. It is a stunning reminder of the precarious situation of the Jewish state 62 years ago, and a salient warning, I think, against any suggestion to redivide Jerusalem!

Magnificent, long-forgotten photos!
The photographs and accompanying text by researcher Ben Atlas is divided into three parts, each linked below:

   Jewish girl, Rachel Levy, 7, fleeing from street w. burning bldgs. as the Arabs sack Jerusalem after its surrender. May 28, 1948. John Phillips  THIS IS THE FIRST PICTURE IN PART 1

SEE THEM ALL : This is what our people lived through ! Each part is both heart breaking and EXHILARATING. Take your time with this, and the many other links presented.
      You can always return & continue.

Great story about this period. The book, O Jerusalem, by L. Collins & D. Lapierre,


My brother Marvin took part in Israels Birth. Quite a Story ! 
1947-1949 "Breaking the British Blockade" 
By Marvin Weiss :

Read, Underground To Palestine,  by I.F. Stone. His amazing experience as a correspondent, visiting the DP camps throughout Europe, and on a ship 
taking refugees to Palastine.  A real and true adventure story.
If you have trouble finding this book, Let me know, I can help.


 One of the first refuge ships to run the blockade 
was the Exodus. See a photo Journal from 1947.


Color movies taken in Israel 1940 to 1950

This footage, taken by a Boston Jewish Multi Millionaire, FRED MONOSSON, who bought one of the only privately owned portable COLOR movie cameras in the 1940's & 50's and traveled to Israel to record the historical formation of the state IN COLOR !
The film was found recently, and you can see eight minutes, right before, during and after Israel was formed - IN COLOR,

See images of a very young Peres, Rabin, Golda, Tabenkin (head of the
 Palmach), British Mandate soldiers walking the streets of Jerusalem.. Etc.
 The film was shown on Israeli TV in Hebrew, with English titles. A Real Treat.

You have to have FLASH to see this, most computers do, or it will ask if you want to down-load, very SAFE. 

If you have links or other material during this period,
please forward it to me, and it will be added.

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BACK TO 231 st. In The BRONX

Remember Kingsbridge Rd. ?  How about the Armory  ?

See this and many more, NY Times 2/14/10 :
 Click : wait for the ad to go away & SEE:

 To get to the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, take the 1 train to West 231st Street.

Then Take our LOCAL Bus, in front of the Armory, to Giles Place !

G11 & B11

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If you lived in the Sholem Aleichem,    Amalgemated Houses
Sedgwick  Ave,  PS95,  De Witt Clinton or any place in this area,
Between 1933 and 1950, We want to Keep in touch. 
Send your e-mail address, Phone # or contact me at my e-mailaddressIn the comment section or e-mail section.
Sy Weiss  G11

Click This; Views Of Giles Place