Friday, November 14, 2014

NetNeutrality, Normal Lane and Fast Lane, Now, and in the Future

Robert Graham, Errata Security

Re Vox got NetNeutrality wrong, 11,10,2014

And so have all the articles in the NY Times, and others.

They hint about " Fast Lanes " but never say or explain that we NOW have
fast lanes, of many types NOW.

Your article is very clear for people with some technical knowledge and know
the acronyms. 

If you or one of your followers, can show, using a graphic, how, the many
classes of content, originate, the paths taken, for each, to the end user,
I believe a flow chart, or tree type diagram would clearly explain the Internet
paths we NOW have.

The " Standard Internet speed" ,  by the provider does not take
take the best path to the end user. If content providers construct a 
" SHORT CUT " , and you are willing to pay for it OK.
This is the system we have now.

Any one can make a blog on the internet, and that blog can be seen
any where in the world, at the speed the TWO ends provide

When it comes to competition, between cable companies, That should
be a much more open market. That, to me is the heart of 

Regulations should address: universal access, availability, affordability,
and rules of transmission.